About Us

About Us

How it’s made!

Love and lots of time. TheyCallMeDanger uses Eclipse to compile & build the models, Techne to make models (although there are better ones now too), and Gimp to texture. Megan uses Photoshop for in-game art and Illustrator for website art. Gimp, PhotoPea, and Gravit Designer are free alternative art program!


The programmer behind the mod! He is a loving father who started this whole adventure for his son. He’s been programming for over 30 years and is excited to be able to bring so much joy and utter destruction to so many people. 


Megan is a freelance designer who happens to also love games of all sort. Gamer Girl Power ignite! 

Model Credits

​So many talented people have spent a significant amount of time creating models. They deserve to receive proper credit! So here, we thank all the wonderfully artistic creators of the fabulous OreSpawn mobs! Thanks guys!!!!

All of these models were either made by me, given to me, or posted PUBLIC on Techne. All the work I did to them, animation and entity included,  was then posted back PUBLIC onto Techne, free for anyone to use. None of these models were stolen.

Known Creators :

  • Terrible Terror: Copperfist
  • Lurking Terror: Dark Leviathan
  • Creeping Horror: Dark Leviathan
  • Triffid: Viorp
  • Kraken: Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Lizard: Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Kyuubi: Darkstar108
  • Water Dragon: BlueEyes9, texture Me
  • Dragon: BlueEyes9
  • Cephadrome: Heltrato and Me, texture Me
  • Emperor Scorpion: LordBowin
  • WTF: Kitsu
  • Bee: Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Chipmunk: CakeBake
  • Gazelle: CakeBake
  • Jumpy Bug: LordBownin
  • Spit Bug: LordBowin
  • Camarasaurus: Tyranno66
  • Bird: Alexwii3, textures Me
  • Mobzilla: Me and Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Nightmare Sword: MrRockstar1539
  • Cassowary:  epicdjs
  • Gold Fish:  LordBowin
  • Dungeon Beast: Pampanapa
  • Stinky: BluesEyes9
  • Sea Monster: Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Sea Viper: Pampanapa, texture Me
  • Ender Knight – UncleOil, Texture by Lord Arrani
  • Ender Reaper  – UncleOil, Texture by Lord Arrani
  • Robo-Gunner – UncleOil
  • Robo-Pounder – UncleOil
  • Robo-Warrior – Pixel, Texture by UncleOil
  • Cavefisher – The GnomeWorks
  • Baby Dragon – MTX1996

Unknown Creators :

I went back to search for the original model creators on Techne, and could not find most of them. If you created one of the models below, please send me your username and the link to the original posted model on Techne (for verification). I will happily add you in here!

  • Cliff Racer,
  • Bomb-omb,
  • Dragonfly,
  • Velocity Raptor,
  • Baryonyx,
  • Cryolophosaurus,
  • Alosaurus,
  • Attack Squid,
  • Firefly,
  • Stink Bug,
  • Cloud Shark,
  • and Beaver.

From the Avatar mod :

A special thanks to the guys at the Avatar mod for sharing their fantastic models!!!
Leonopteryx – KarryBird
Hammerhead – KarryBird

All the Rest : 

Me! Yes, I’ve gotten into making my own models lately. I hope you enjoy them !


To Nico Bergemann for his nice clean implementation of player input packets!

To Jess for her fantastically vibrant voice!!!!

To Megan!!!!! For making such a great website!

To Megan again! Thank you so much for all the texturing you’ve been doing! New Fairies, Lapis Armor, Girlfriend and Boyfriend tweaks and more… And the new Royal Girlfriends and Boyfriends too!!!

To everyone else who has contributed their great ideas too!!!


OreSpawn and everything in it is copyrighted to TheyCallMeDanger (Richard H. Clark) and MeganLorraine (Megan L. Clark).

No permission is given to anyone for any use of OreSpawn anywhere. No downloads. No modpacks. No ports to anywhere else.
Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. OreSpawn lives on DangerZone now, and that is the ONLY legitimate platform for it.

Last Updated: April 20, 2021